Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program in Snohomish County

Providing eligible seniors with fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets.

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program increases our community’s intake of fruits and vegetables; expands the use of local farmers markets, farm stores, and community supported agriculture programs; and increases sales of Washington grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. A list of participating farmers markets and farm stores will be posted when available and will be included with the vouchers.

Eligible low-income seniors receive $40 worth of vouchers to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at authorized farmers markets or farm stands.

Who Is Eligible?
Age 60+ for non-Native Americans
Age 55+ for Native Americans
Low income
Up to $1,986/ month for 1 person
Up to $2,686/month for 2 people
For larger households, add $700 per person
Funds are limited so a random selection process may be used to select recipients.

How Do I Apply?
Complete one of the applications at this link.

To request an application in the mail, call (425) 388-7393. For assistance filling out the application, call Homage Aging & Disability Resource Network (425) 513-1900.

Eligible applications received (via mail or online) by June 4, 2021 will receive priority. If funding is still available after this date, additional eligible applicants will receive vouchers on a first come first serve basis.