Dog Policy

Shoppers on both sides of the equation (pro-dog and anti-dog) often have strong opinions, and many valid reasons both pro and con for including canines at the markets.  Farmers markets in Washington State are free to make their own rules about dogs at their markets (in other states, such as California, it is illegal to allow dogs at any farmers market).

The Everett Farmers Market is a walking destination and leisurely outings for many, many shoppers, so we try to accommodate dogs where we can.  Of course, service dogs are allowed at the market.

We ask all customers, dogs and their owners to please be considerate of other shoppers, respectful of vendors and food products, and to follow common sense rules about good behavior.  Dogs, dog owners or customers that misbehave will be required to leave the market.

click here to see the signage we now have posted at the Everett Farmers Market.

Dog Manners-Market Rules (Owners Please Read)

Keep Your Master on a Short Non-Expandable Leash

Stay Under Control at Your Master’s Side at All Times

Stay Away from All Food and Plants

Have Your Master Cleanup All Accidents

You Must be Social with other Dogs and People

Remember, Not Everyone is a Dog Lover