While visiting the Everett Farmers Market please park in these 2 Parking Areas

Visitor Parking:

Heading South on West Marine View Drive
*turn right onto 10th St
*then left onto Craftsman Way
*turn right into Visitor P#1
*or follow the road back to Visitor P#2

Heading North on West Marine View Drive
*turn left onto 13th St.
*go thru the roundabout continue straight
*take a slight left into Visitor P#1
*or follow the road back to Visitor P#2

When Visitor P#2 is full you will be advised by Everett Farmers Market Parking Assistants to park in P#1.

Market Entrance is directly across from Visitor P#2 at the end of 13th St.


ADA Parking: South Side off of 14th St. (Para Transit can load and unload in this area)

Turn onto 13th St
*go thru the roundabout and take a left
*follow the blue dots on map to 14th St
*turn right continue to ADA signage
*turn right again (6 ADA spots)

Loading and unloading of passengers is suggested off of 14th St by the Yacht Club

Note: Permit Parking is designed for Boaters. Parking in Permit Parking may result in a Ticket.


Ride your Bike with family and friends to the Everett Farmers Market

Remember your basket or cart to put your purchases in.

Bikes don’t take up as much room as cars, and reduce carbon in our atmosphere.

Biking is also  good exercise and let’s you eat more of those goodies at the Everett Farmers Market.