Senior Food Access

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP)

  • Provides benefits to lower-income older adults to purchase locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey, and herbs.
  • Supports local farming by increasing the use of farmers markets, roadside stands, and community supported agriculture. Produce is also purchased directly from farmers for delivery to older adults.
  • Is funded through a combination of federal grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) under the Farm Bill as well as state and local funding.

Who is eligible for SFMNP benefits?

  • Washington residents age 60 or older and Native Americans/Alaska Natives age 55 or older with a monthly income below 185% of the federal poverty level are eligible for SFMNP benefits.
  • Interested individuals must apply to the SFMNP at local agencies before receiving SFMNP benefits each market season.

Where do I apply for SFMNP benefits?

  • Individuals eligible to receive SFMNP benefits must apply through their local area agencies on aging (AAAs) or contracted SFMNP providers. Click here to apply online in Snohomish County.

Local Contacts
Snohomish County – Linda Vizmanos: 425-388-7393
Application period: March 25 – May 6

When can I use my SFMNP benefits?

  • The SFMNP market season is from June 1 through October 31 each year.

Where can I use my SFMNP benefits?

  • Look for the “Farmers Market Benefits” sign at these participating farmers markets:
  • Participating Farmers Markets – Western Washington