Upgrade to the Footprint May 18th

Market Manager Gary Purves spent the last three days, working to upgrade the surface of the Everett Farmers Market (temporary location). Four truck loads of crusher fines were dumped and rolled on top the surface of the site.


What Are Crusher Fines? – Crusher fines are small particles of crushed rock. Generally, they are the leftovers from rock crushing operations, but at times the rock can be ground especially to make the crusher fines.

Farmers Market Today Moved 2Right Proof2016mdTo make a good surfacing material, they should have a range of particle sizes from a fine dust up to a specified 3/8″ maximum particle size. With proper subgrade preparation and drainage, the crusher fines should remain stable for many years in all weather conditions.

Visit us in the new location. We have two lots for your parking pleasure. click here to see direction for parking