Everett Farmers Market Open 11am to 3pm For Walk-Up Customers Sundays

The Everett Farmers Market serves as your link to local farmers and processors. We are working diligently to protect public health and create a safe environment for all to make their purchases.

Our goal is to provide equitable access for all and to ensure your connection to nutritious food remains intact, viable and robust. At the Everett Farmers Market, we believe too that open-air Markets with short supply chains are the safest and best way to secure and meet your essential food needs during the current crisis.

We started the season at the Everett Farmers Market with “Pre-order, Drive thru, Pick-up Style Farmers Market”, and “then”, was given the go ahead to resume as a “Walk-Up Customer Farmers Market” as we have done, so many seasons in the past.

As Patrons, we need your help in keeping the Everett Farmers Market a safe place to purchase your favorite agricultural products. Doing so will assist in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. The safety and health are everyone’s concern. If we falter in our attempts, all is at risk, including Sundays at the Everett Farmers Market.

Thank you, and Stay Safe & Healthy!

Below, please read and adopt our list of rules and changes for the 2020 Season for you to follow while in the Market.

Market Hours Open 11am – 3 pm. No entrance to the Farmers Market before 11am. Please let all know the hours have changed.

2 Locations Entry to the Market – Only 2 Locations are at: Pacific & Wetmore and Hewitt & Wetmore. Please enter in the correct locations.

Feeling Sick or in Contact Some Who Is Sick – If you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick, please stay home.

NO Pets – No pets will be allowed in the Market, with the exception of service dogs.

Limited Number Of Customers – A limited number of patrons will be allowed inside the market at any one time. We will be counting all inside the market to meet social distancing requirements.

1 Shopper Per Family – Plan to have only one shopper per family.

Please Wait Before Entering – Please wait for EFM Staff to guide you into the Market. So social distancing requirements can be achieved.

Maintain Social Distancing – Maintain Social distancing of 6’ all around you.

NO Public Restrooms – Public Restrooms will not be available as we strive to maintain safety for all.

Shopping List – Bring your list of items to purchase. Be prepared. Pre-Order ahead. Plan to shop quickly and return home. click here to view Vendors.

No Touch Policy – The Market has a “No Touch” policy. Please let the Vendor assist you with your purchases.

NO Sampling of Food – No sampling of food or beverages are allowed. All food except produce will be packaged.

Bring Your Reusable Market Bags – You may bring you shopping bags and self-load your purchases.

NO Tokens Will Be Sold – No Debit or Credit Tokens will be Sold. Bring Cash, Dollars, Credit Card, Cell Phone to Pay Vendors. Pre-order, so you have already paid in advance.

Debit/Credit Tokens May be Used – Leftover tokens from last Season? Yes, use them, but NO change given. Round up your purchase.

SNAP/EBT/MATCH – SNAP/EBT and the SNAP Match is Available, please visit the Market HQ Booth, to Swipe Quest Card.

Concessions Are Limited – Only takeout is allowed. No seating.

No Eating in the Market – All items purchased, must be taken outside of the Market to eat.

Mask & Gloves – The Everett Farmers Market strongly encourages you to wear a face covering and gloves when entering and shopping in the Market. Wearing a mask protects your fellow shopper, vendor and Market Staff. We are all in this together.

Clean Your Hands – Hand sanitizer is available at the Manager’s Canopy. Public hand wash stations are located at each entry