5 Tips For Shopping at the Farmers Market

The first few days of spring bring chirping birds, welcome rays of sunshine, and the promise of a new crop of produce at the farmers market. As much as we love winter’s stacks of fanned-out carrots and all the potatoes we can fit in a canvas tote, there’s nothing like the excitement of spotting the first asparagus spears of the year.

At the same time, even the smallest farmers markets can feel overwhelming. Which way should you go first? What should you avoid? And what should you be doing every time you visit? These are all great things to ask. With the first two covered, today we’re focusing on that all-important third question.

  1. Bring cash.
  2. Remember your reusable bags and food containers.
  3. Come with an open mind and a flexible list.
  4. As the saying goes, “Look with your eyes, not your hands.”
  5. Be respectful of producers’ time.

Read the complete article at Kitchn published April 15, 2023 by Lizzy is a trained chef, food writer, and recipe developer, who lives in New York City, where she runs, eats, and explores as much as possible. https://www.thekitchn.com/farmers-market-etiquette-tips-tour-guide-23521116