Apples and pears are abundant in all of their glory. With so many colors. Shapes. Sizes and varieties to choose from, there are so many delicious things you can create. Whether paired with some local cheese, pureed into a delicate squash soup or baked onto a sweet treat, you are sure to make some folks very happy.

Cucumbers are at the end of their season, so grab some of the pickling variety while you can and preserve them to enjoy all year. There are many types of cucumbers, but small to medium gherkins are best for pickling as they are most crunchy and sweet with fewer seeds than larger varieties.

Sweet pea pods are best eaten straight from the vine, but try this recipe that Pairs peas with the always abundant summer squash. Grilled and drizzled with tahini dressing, this can be served as a side dish or an entree.

Gazpacho or Gaspacho, also called Andalusian gazpacho, is a cold soup made of raw, blended vegetables. It originated in the southern regions of the Iberian peninsula and spread into other areas. Gazpacho is widely eaten in Spain and Portugal, particularly during hot summers, as it is refreshing and cool.

One of my favorite things to grill is Kofta Patties. Kofta is a blend of mediterranean spices, beef and lamb.

*Strawberries are the quintessential sign of summer, creating excitement for berry lovers of all ages. These little flavor bombs can be enjoyed in a plethora of ways whether it be sweet, savory, or au natural. Pictured above is my first of the season patio grown strawberry.

*Next time you are at the Everett Farmers Market grab that bunch of spinach, pick up some asparagus, and load up on all of spring’s freshest ingredients to make the best recipes from our local grown Washington producers. Here are some recipes that we hope you will love.

*Spring was made for “spot prawns”! These tasty crustaceans look like shrimp and have the flavor of buttery little lobsters. Available for 6-8 week season beginning each May.