Ananda Farm Creates “Extreme Happiness”

What does Ananda Farm do?

Maybe a better question is, what don’t they do?

I recently visited their booth at the Sunday market. I was impressed with their array of soaps, herbal oils, produce, and flowers— all of it nicely arrayed on a beautiful tablecloth, all homegrown or homemade. They even had a glass cooler filled with complimentary mint water. Very nice.

Their market booth, though, is the tip of the iceberg.

Ananda Farms, located on the south end of Camano Island, is many things. It’s a homestead and yoga ashram, inspired by the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananada. It’s also a distributor of CSA boxes, and a summer retreat for farming interns.

Zach and Haley, lead farmers, told me that they take their practice very seriously. They don’t use a tractor, preferring to make a low impact on their soil.

Ananda is a word that means “extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being.” This is the guiding philosophy at the farm, and it’s evident in their sachets of lavender, their bundles of kale, and bottles of herbal oils.

Catch Zach and Haley in Everett every Sunday for locally-grown goods. You’ll be surprised at the variety and volume of natural goods they have to offer.

Don’t be surprised if their broccoli and garlic greens makes you feel extremely happy.

Ananda Farms is looking for interns to work on their farm during the summer. You can check out what they have to offer and apply here.

Follow Ananda Farm on social media @AnandaFarmCamanoIsland.


Richard Porter is a writer and musician. He lives in North Everett with his wife and two children. His favorite local activities include running on Marine View Drive, bicycling down tree-lined streets, and trying to coax vegetables out of his yard. He also works for Live in Everett as the Blog and Contributor Manager, and we’re stoked to have him.