The Midnight Farmer Packs Big Flavor Into Microgreens

The Midnight Farmer is a two-person operation. Ben Hancock and his girlfriend Sheri grow their tiny plants with the power of sunlight in the Skagit Valley.

I caught up with them at a recent farmers market. It was a hot day, with temperatures stifling enough to wilt and wither any standing plant. By contrast, the trays of microgreens offered at the their shady booth looked springy and popped up in splashes of green, red, and purple. That caught my attention. It looked like they were vending little forests.

Ben and Sheri told me that they started their operation out of a small greenhouse. They originally grew microgreens for themselves, but soon friends and family wanted their product. Production has ramped up since, and you can catch The Midnight Farmer at restaurants and organic grocery stores around the region.

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are plants, only smaller. They pack more than the nutritional wallop of full-sized kale or radish plants, with an extra 10-40 times more nutrition and antioxidants than full-grown plants. Given their size they’re easy to incorporate as a garnish on a salad, add to a quinoa bowl, or dissolve into a smoothie.

Microgreens come in different flavors, from sweet and crunchy kale to spicy radish greens. The Midnight Farmer also grow more exotic greens like mustard and amaranth.  Keep your eyes peeled at the Sunday Everett Farmers Market for the table filled with flats of tiny plants.

Greens cut fresh. That’s what the Everett Farmers Market can offer— small plants packed with nutrition and filled with vitality.  That’s something you can sink your teeth into. Thanks Ben and Sheri!

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